Capture the WU

Wichita State University is hosting a Jeopardy-style CTF

WHEN >> 22 SEP 2023 @ 1900CST - 23 SEP 2023 @ 2200CST

HOW  >> Complete the registration form @

You will receive your registration code once verified

WHERE >> Register @

 then join us on discord @ 

QUESTIONS >> Reach out to and 

RULES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

1. Open to all HS and Two year or Junior Colleges.

2. Up to five person teams. 

a. Can include one faculty or staff. 

b. Members must verify they are student or part of the institution. 

c. Faculty/Staff cannot be on a team with less than two students registered. 

d. Participating schools can register up to four teams.

i. Teams not allowed to communicate with each other during event.

3. Registration Opens 1 August and Closes 15 September.

4. Jeopardy Style in following seven categories (each category consists of 10-12 questions weighted on difficulty): 

a. OSINT, Log/Network Traffic Analysis, Crypto/Password Cracking, Forensics/Steganography, Web Exploitation, Binary/Reverse Engineering, and Miscellaneous

5. This will be an online ran event although teams are encouraged to participate and collaborate in person with each other.

7.  Prizes (TBD) will be awarded to Top Three teams overall and Top Two in Both HS and 2yr College Division. 

8. Communication and announcements on the event will be managed through Discord Server ran by our sponsor Millennium Corporation.

9.  The total number of teams allowed will be 50.

FAQ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What is your motive for doing this? CTF building and hosting events is a great experience for our students that will impress future employers, grad schools, scholarship committees and it is our job to create opportunities like CTFs that may give them an advantage in the competitive world. It also brings our department national level recognition.


What would be my motive for entering a team? Twofold. Just like hosting a CTF, merely participating in a CTF is a great resume builder for your students and also gives you a chance to evaluate them outside of class. Also, participating in CTFs show a strong cyber program, which can assist you in CAE designation applications, grant proposals, and when you ask your boss for a raise. Finally, it is free and only lasts a day and a half.


My students have never participated in a CTF and will get crushed.  Why would I bother?  Merely competing is worth its weight in experience and camaraderie for you and your students. In addition, you won’t get crushed because most two year colleges and high schools have never participated in a CTF of this type. There are novice questions that almost everyone will be able to answer. Finally, as stated in the Rules one faculty or staff may be on your team.


How could our team practice? There are some basic sites with great information and sample CTF questions that will be similar to what we will use:,, and are good places to start.


This is exciting, I want to enter a team. What do I do next? Send an email to Hannah and Joe (emails above) and let them know that you are interested in participating. Remember, each institution can enter up to four teams, so let us know how many you plan to have compete.